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Vlad Kozul

Vlad Kozul

Vlad has previous experience working in finance at Lazard, Bernstein, and was a Techstars COO. He has a great passion for growing companies.

Is antler or any accelerator worth doing to start my company?

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Since there was a lot of

How do you raise funding for a seed or pre-seed startup in 2022?

Fundraising is one of the hardest things in the world

Email marketing for podcasts to grow your audience

Email marketing and podcasting go hand in hand. Grow your

My interview with YC and how you can do better

I'm sharing my experience from interviewing with Y Combinator accelerator,

What's next for Founderbounty?

First to hear about it! Founderbounty is going to start

Email marketing platforms that still allows crypto after mailchimp ban

So you have been banned from Mailchimp or are looking

Personalised protein. The future of food nutrition?

A while back I was looking at creating a personalized

Reasons why you should not move to a startup in 2022

Startups are a great buzzword. That's what I used to

Marketing lessons from a bootstrapped SAAS to $50K MRR in 3 months

This post is a little to help share some of

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