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Marketing lessons from a bootstrapped SAAS to $50K MRR in 3 months

Marketing lessons from a bootstrapped SAAS to $50K MRR in 3 months

This post is a little to help share some of the marketing and growth lessons to help grow a SAAS startup to $50K MRR from scratch as well as the lessons learned doing it.                                                                        

1) Focus on a product that people need even if it's a competitive market
Entering a competitive market is not easy and never will be. Try to find out what exactly can differentiate you. Focus on your niche (for example email marketing), something where you can really add value in. In Postrs case it was crypto.

2) Make sure you listen to your customers        
Customers are important. Listening is essential to your business. Find out what they are looking for.

3) Focus on marketing            
- Content and more content. There are a few ways you could market your product which include a bunch of things.
a) Getting a PR agency. They can’t guarantee anything and could be an expensive choice
b) Paying for advertising, Facebook, Twitter and Google. This is also expensive and if you have the resources it could be very good.
c) Content marketing: Google loves them The more posts the better.
Social media: Convections are difficult, they can work but it take energy and time.
d) Email marketing: This channel works and does bring convections.

The point is to try channels and to see which can bring the most conversions.

4) Content that ranks, gets views and that google likes

Google's algorithms are always changing. That’s why writing good clean content is key to getting liked by big tech.

5) Mailing lists                                                                                                                
Surprisingly not. Email lists work a great deal. Email marketing is underused and should be used more. Keep in close contact with your users. Ask them for feedback. Use email (of course, you can use postr :P for that one!) You will probably and don’t get angry about it get ignored but that’s absolutely normal! Just keep pushing.

6) Social media

Social media is overcrowded and hard to get some serious traction from. Your up against millions of users and bots and it growing organically and bootstrapped from the product is extremely hard but its definitely good to have some presence on it

7) Your publications and content should add value

Try to focus on a niche and really dig into it. It’s a very very crowded market so finding some kind of way to stand out is essential. Why you? Why now? Why should people really be reading your content? It must be value add and it must be useful otherwise end users have no interest in reading it.

8) Content content content!

Show your journey over blogging. Your users will come to love you and learn from you. This is essential to them and to you. At the same time as users learning about your content, it gives you a great platform from which to sell your content too as well. So make sure you keep giving them what they want. Interesting reads.

9) Publish and submit to other known sites which have views!

This is always a good idea and there are plenty of them around! From these sites to bloggers and journalists looking for good stories, this is another way to grow your content. Journalists are always looking for an interesting read and so make sure to get in touch! Sites like Buzzfeed,, and TechCrunch as well as Forbes and fast company all allow you to submit your content so get submitting!

10) Medium publications

Also a great source there is plenty of them like the mission and freecodecamp and hackernoon. Submitting to these will increase your chances of being seen and getting your content read and of course getting people to your own startup :) Here is a great medium motherboard.

The really hard part

Actually doing all of this takes time and effort but if you're motivated enough you are going to get it done. You have to keep testing and trying in order to find a way that works, but dont give up!

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