Things you MUST keep in your Newsletter for it to stand out in 2023

Things you MUST keep in your Newsletter for it to stand out in 2023

Newsletters are essential to any business. They help increase your ROI and are essential to retain and convert customers. If you have not already started to do one for your business you must do so ASAP. Below are a few tips that will help your newsletters stand out and keep your customers engaged.

1. Keep your subject line short and to the point

No one likes long subject lines. People don't have time for it! The shorter and more eye-catchy it is the more people will pay attention to your email.

2. Include pictures

It may sound simple but most people have short and to the point memories. Pictures will help people remember your newsletter and help it to stand out from the rest. Keep them included

3. CTO buttons

These are a must and will help to increase conversation rates to your business. Make sure they are well laid out and easy for everyone to see. They will help to make your business stand out and hopefully increase your customer base.

4. More is never enough!

Send plenty of newsletters. It may seem obvious but its never enough. Make sure you send them and plenty of them!

5. Spelling, make sure you don't have any mistakes!

This is a given. The more spelling mistakes the worse your newsletter looks! Make it look as professional as possible, just like a PHD thesis. Spelling is a given and should be paid attention to so get it right

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