Personalised protein. The future of food nutrition?

Personalised protein. The future of food nutrition?

A while back I was looking at creating a personalized protein company like Gainful. I loved it and I still do. Personalized nutrition is the future of food and will be around for years to come. Here are a few points on my idea of creating a personalised protein brand.

The problem with the current protein companies:

We are getting told what to look like by protein companies. When people dont know what protein is right for them. Do we all want to look like Arnold the “macho man”? Why dont we have something more personlised?

The solution:

Everyone has different goals and pace, so why should everyone's nutrition be one size fits all? We are all unique in our own way and so should your protein.

  • Algorithm will calculate the different protein blends right for your body type
  • Customers will be filling out a questionnaire based on their dietary requirements
  • We send them a 30/40/60 day subscription based on how often they use the protein.
  • We also give you unlimited access to your registered dietitian to help you understand your blend

Things you would have to deal with:

  • Distribution & Logistics: Courier deliveries, tracking, warehousing, packaging, dispatch
  • Food Product: Developing a great product with a nutritionist, different preliminary profiles and quizzes, prototyping with suppliers, developing relationships for a food lab
  • Web Product & E-commerce: UI/UX, front-end, back-end development, developing proprietary blends.
  • Customer Acquisition & Marketing: Social media management, influencer marketing, offline marketing, online ads, SEO, content creation for blogs, value-added content, newsletters
  • Growth & CRM: Developing KPIs, product development, data analytic, CRM system to nurture subscribers and retention rates
  • Branding: Brand positioning, aesthetic, copywriting, creating common marketing assets that defines the brand, photography
  • Strategy: Vision, mission, USP, competitors analysis, active managementRevenue Partnerships: Launching new / developing methods of distribution, e.g. D2C, B2B2C. , rev-share

I still think this is the future and would love to hear your feedback. Companies like Gainful are and will continue to grow.

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