Email marketing platforms that still allows crypto after mailchimp ban

Email marketing platforms that still allows crypto after mailchimp ban

So you have been banned from Mailchimp or are looking for alternatives to get yourself and your coin or general cryptocurrency chat out there? I have compiled a few alternatives that may suit you. It's unbelievable that people are still banning crypto and we are in 2022! I know exactly how you feel and can't believe it either.

Emails are the most common way to communicate with customers, colleagues, and friends today. When you send an email, you want to make sure it gets where it needs to go. However, some people are unable to see your post due to anti-spam devices they use.

My favorite platforms to use that still allow crypto email marketing are:

  1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an email marketing software that allows you to email cryptocurrency prospects. As a result, its is the only advertising platform that provides email marketing at its core. This implies that when using it, you will always receive high open rates and conversions. In fact, the average open rate for a campaign is over 80%, which substantially exceeds the industry standard of 20%. It will give you the opportunity to create, post, and track your email campaigns with ease. You’ll collect more subscribers and also have access to our powerful features, such as automation and analytics.

2. Moon mail

With MoonMail, you can run unlimited email marketing campaigns. You can get started quickly and easily with our simple email templates and import a list of your contacts. You can track each email campaign's performance in real-time and use the insights to optimize and improve your communications. From content strategy to deployment, MoonMail provides a powerful platform that helps you communicate more effectively with your customers

MoonMail is an easy to use email marketing platform that enables you to send beautiful newsletters. Using our intuitive user interface, you can customize your campaign's content and create a personalized newsletter.

3. Postr

Postr is powerful software that in a simple way helps you send emails to your customers. It integrates with third party apps and sends more emails than any other free email marketing software. Create campaigns and send emails to people by doing just a few clicks.

Postr is the free email marketing service that’s powered by Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). It allows you to send emails from your own email address instead of a ‘no-reply@’ type address. In addition, it includes full tracking and reporting features so you can see who opened, who clicked and test subject lines, all for free!

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