Startup - An early-stage company from pre-seed to series D

Venture capital - The financial process where startups get funded

Accelerator – An accelerator is a support network

API – An Application Programming Interface enables two different programs to communicate with each other as a translator allows people speaking two different languages understand each other.

Exit Strategy – An exit strategy is a plan that may be executed when a startup is not performing well, as a stop loss measure.

SaaS – The SaaS acronym means software-as-a-service.

Seed Funding – Often seen as the first investment of a startup, it may come from angel investors or from family and friends, with the intention of completing an MVP

Stealth Mode – “Stealth mode” is an expression used to describe the development of a product in secret.

Runway - The amount of time a startup has until it runs out of money, based on its current burn rate and available cash.

Burn Rate - The rate at which a startup is spending its cash, typically measured on a monthly basis.

Unicorn - A startup that has achieved a valuation of $1 billion or more.

Bootstrapping - Starting and growing a business without external financing, relying on personal savings, revenue, or other resources.

Pivot - A change in the startup's business model or strategy in response to customer feedback, market conditions, or other factors.

Exit - The process of selling a startup to another company, going public through an IPO, or shutting down the business.

Accelerator: - A program that provides mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to early-stage startups to help them grow and succeed.

Affiliate marketing - Paid advertising model where a company sells its products through individuals or companies ("affiliates") who will market the company's product for a set commission