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Venture capital and Fundraising

venture capital

Why does Europe not have a Ycombinator(YC) from a Lazard and Techstars Alumni?

This is a good question. Why does Europe not have

How to start a free online business from a former Techstars COO with nothing

Building a startup is one of the most difficult things

Angels or venture capital (VC's). What investors should you go to for your startup and business?

So you have built a company and are looking for

How to get into Venture capital by a former Lazard, Techstars COO

Getting into Venture capital is not easy at all. You

Is antler or any accelerator worth doing to start my company?

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Since there was a lot of

How to get EU funding and grants for startups and companies with Louis Papaemmanuel

We had a chat with Louis, an expert in EU,

How do you raise funding for a seed or pre-seed startup in 2022?

Fundraising is one of the hardest things in the world

Is Techstars accelerator worth doing? Should you do it? By a former Techstars COO

Techstars and Y-combinator are by far some of the world's

Lessons learned from Building Europe's first On Demand fuel station from its COO

Before Shell tap-up and Cafu and others, we built Europes

Antler or Entrepreneur First? Which is better?

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER It's a question a lot of

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