Venture capital and Fundraising

venture capital

VC's and angels are not responding to you. Heres what you should be doing to raise money for your startup

Even with right idea at the right time. You may

European founders. Go for US money first before asking European investors if you can

European investors are slow, hard to work with and cant

Is YC worth it? Will an accelerator help my business grow?

The short answer to this question having gone through techstars

What are the best VC's for early stage startups in the US

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the USA, securing early-stage funding is

How should you dress to build your startup and secure funding

The answer to this question is that it really does

What team do I need to have to get my business funded by a investor written by a techstars alumni

VC's love to see a solid team and

What are the best US VC's for seed stage companies

Venture capital (VC) is a type of financing that provides

What are the best VCs for startups in Europe in 2023 from a techstars founder

So your gaining revenue or having started and looking at

Online Alternatives to antler and entrepreneur first to help build your business

So your looking to get a business or startup of

Which accelerators do top tier VC's care about for pre-seed or seed funding for your startup from a Techstars COO

I have been through the fundraising process. Not only is

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