Venture capital and Fundraising

venture capital

Just like an employer would like someone with operating experience why do VC's still hire people with none?

When me and a colleague both ended up working in

How much capital should you give early investors if you are raising for your startup idea?

This is a good question. Raising venture capital or from

How to choose your co-founder? The Importance of a Strong and solid Team in a startup

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging journey. As

Techstars or YC. Which accelerator should I choose for my business?

So your at the stage where your thinking of taking

How to build a $500M VC from a former banker with the CEO of Antler. A case study.

So your looking to build out a VC. Building our

How to email VC's and get noticed if your a startup founder from a techstars founder

So how to you email VC's and investors

Startup founders. Get an advisor. Listen to advice from people who know what they are doing.

We cannot stress the importance of getting a quality advisor

VC's and angels are not responding to you. Heres what you should be doing to raise money for your startup

Even with right idea at the right time. You may

European founders. Go for US money first before asking European investors if you can

European investors are slow, hard to work with and cant

Is YC worth it? Will an accelerator help my business grow?

The short answer to this question having gone through techstars

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