Techstars or YC. Which accelerator should I choose for my business?

Techstars or YC. Which accelerator should I choose for my business?

So your at the stage where your thinking of taking your business to the next level but not sure where or how to do it. Having been through one and interviewed at the other I can tell you they are both top accelerators and an offer from both of these will be sure to add value to your business. So if you do get accepted or are thinking of applying here are a few things to consider.

Even getting an interview you should consider your business to be in the top 5% of other businesses. Its hard enough.

Your giving up equity

Unless your business is so far ahead in terms of funding and a team we would recomend accepting any offer from YC or techstars early stage pre seed VC's. They have backed some of the worlds best companies like dropbox and airbnb and others.

The partners are full of billionaire founders.

This is good. Having partners that can understand founders and the struggles they go through is extremely important. You really want a VC that can add serious value to you as a founder. Having had partners that have been through the struggles of starting a company from scratch will give you a head start.

Access to advisors and funding

This is also very important in an early stage company and should not be underestimated. Having an advisor who can open doors to pilots with corporates as well as funding (which every startup needs) is very important while building your business.


Although the chance of you making it in is very small if you do get an offer we would be taking it anyday.

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Vlad Kozul
Vlad started his career in finance having done a bachelor’s at Cass business school in London and a master’s at ESCP in Paris specializing in finance. He speaks both French and English and has previous experience working in finance on the buy and sell side. He worked in asset management within insti…

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