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Antler or Entrepreneur First? Which is better?

Antler or Entrepreneur First? Which is better?


It's a question a lot of founders ask. Which is better? Should I leave my job to go to one of these? Are they any good? This is the question I get a lot, so if you are a serial founder or have never been a founder this is worth a read.  I attended one of them and interviewed at the other.

What's the difference?

Both antler and entrepreneur first are world-class accelerators and are both focused on pre-seed funding. Which one you choose to attend if you even get in will depend a lot on what you are trying to build. I always had the feeling entrepreneur first was considered a more deep tech VC, which is in fact the case. Having interviewed at both and got into one I will try to outline the difference.

Antler's learnings

Having gone through antler its definitely considered more of a SAAS pre-seed VC, looking for that easily scalable billion-dollar idea. Antler wants to help you meet your founder at the accelerator and build up a company from scratch with ideas that are generated on-site.  

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Entrepreneur first

This was always considered a deep tech VC but getting into them won't do you any wrong. They try to group scientists with more commercial founders to help get the idea back on track. It's a great use case that can help you get your idea moving fast.

Networking like no other

I have to say the people I met at antler and even at the interviews at entrepreneur first were some of the most interesting people I have ever met. From PhD's in astrophysics to previous entrepreneurs with successful exits, networking is by far one of the best things to get out of any accelerators and I would recommend it even if it's just for this!

Both are great

If you are one of the few who gets accepted to both you are definitely top-tier talent make your decision wisely. Do you really need a pre-seed accelerator or maybe you want to try and go it alone. Remember these are more support engines, but i always believed the best founders will go and find a way to go it alone.

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