Vlad started his career in finance having done a bachelor's at Bayes Business School in London and a master's at ESCP in Paris specializing in finance. He speaks both French and English and has previous experience working in finance on the buy and sell side. He worked in asset management within institutional sales and on the sell side at Lazard selling US equities to a European client base and in institutional sales at Bernstein. He then started Europe's first ondemand fuel company backed by techstars and plug and play doing pilots with corporations such as Daimler. After this he was consulting for BCG and others on the subject of fuel ondemand.

Lessons learned from Building Europe’s first OnDemand fuel station from its COO
Before Shell tap-up and Cafu and others, we built Europe’s first on demand fuel station. We saw the future, we had an amazing team and we were ready to go. I was the COO of pompfuel and we were there from the start.

He is involved and exited SAAS projects and is an angel investor, mentor and advisor. He has a great passion for growing companies.

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Contact him at: vlad@founderbounty.com