A few of the best sustainable startups out there in 2024 that could weather a recession

A few of the best sustainable startups out there in 2024 that could weather a recession

Founderbounty has put together a bunch of upcoming and new sustainable startups that have great potential in 2022 to solve real climate problems and are recession proof.

  1. Instagrid

One of our favorite startups of 2022. A great team with a fantastic vision solving a huge problem. We interviewed Andreas from Instagrid that just closed that 45M$ series B about what it takes to be a founder and how to build a portable battery company from scratch.

See our article here: How to Build a $100M plus portable battery company with Instagrid's Andreas Sedlmayr

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2. Mywatertechnology

MyWater Technologies is reinventing access to water with a contactless, healthy & connected offer for all. The combination of nanofiltration and the Internet of Things allows for the improvement of the quality, security, and accessibility of the network’s water, all while providing usable data.

By using this solution, myWater facilitates how each one participates in the improvement of their ecosystem by redistributing part of the benefits to NGOs and impact projects.

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