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The best small businesses to be able to weather a recession in 2022

The best small businesses to be able to weather a recession in 2022

We have put together a few technology and hardware businesses that we think could are recession proof in 2022. We have seen cuts in a ton of companies and layoffs all over the place but a few we think we continue to grow during a downturn and recession in 2022.

1. Postr

Email marketing may just be able to weather a recession. With salesforce and mailchimp these are essentials for businesses to grow. Forbes even says email marketing is set to grow.

2. AccountsPro

Small businesses will need accounting and companies like accounts pro is well placed to get things moving for a small business as AI also picks up in the space.

See this article:

VCs Target AI Accounting Startups as Companies Look to Control Spending in Uncertain Economy
Many investors are betting that inflation, higher interest rates and recession fears will prompt companies to redouble efforts to track and manage spending.

3. Instagrid

People will continue to look for alternative energy sources and Instagrid is well places to take advantage of portable energy sources. We did an article and youtube on them before so be sure to check out them there.

How to Build a 100M$ Portable battery charging startup with Instagrid’s Andreas Sedlmayr
We interviewed Andreas from Instagrid that just closed that 45M$ series B about what it takes to be a founder and how to build a portable battery company from scatch.

4. Founderbounty

Entrepreneur coaching will continue to grow as we turn to an entrepreneur-based economy. We see more and more companies like this with people looking for mentors to help with starting a business with the entrepreneur mindset continue to grow.

5. Terra

A YC company. We think has a bright future which is an API that makes it easy for apps to connect to wearables. Fitness tech will continue to grow.

You can read more about them here:

How to interview with YC with Founder Raouf Yousfi of Terra (YC)
We got a chance to interview one of the hottest startups in YC, Terra, which is an API that makes it easy for apps to connect to wearables. We wanted to know how he got started, how he got into y-combinator, what inspired him to build Terra, and where he sees the future. We also wanted to know thei…

6. Koody

Personal finances are going to be vital for people during the upcoming recession and we think that Koody is rightly placed for this so keep an eye on them!

A great read on navigating the recession by Balderton Capital:

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