How to Build a $100M plus portable battery company with Instagrid's Andreas Sedlmayr

How to Build a $100M plus portable battery company with Instagrid's Andreas Sedlmayr
Instagrid and its portable battery charger

We interviewed Andreas from Instagrid that just closed that 45M$ series B about what it takes to be a founder and how to build a portable battery company from scratch.

Sell the company or not to sell?

"We had an Aquisition offer early on, which was nothing but validation for us"

Andreas had no intention of actually selling the company as he believed in it so much he knew he could contine to grow it. As a founder that is one of the hardest decisions you have to make as he knows so many things can go wrong, but trusted his gut feeling on sticking with and building out the company.

Investors are key

Choosing investors that know your space where and will allow you to be flexible when you make decisions and so are not too hands-on. Andreas stressed this point has clearly been proven right.

Your co-founder is your best friend

"Having worked together at a corporate both being technical and knowing each other for years this definitely has helped the company become a success and will continue to do so". Founders are important and how they came together is also a common theme for successful companies.

Clients find us use cases that we have never heard of

"A common theme amongst founders is that customers seem to find a bunch of use cases for the product that we have never heard of." This is something else founderbounty has experienced amongst a bunch of founders.



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