Is cliqly legit as an email marketing tool and what are the alternatives?

Is cliqly legit as an email marketing tool and what are the alternatives?

This is a question everyone is asking. Is Cliqly really that legit as an email marketing tool. As we have said in our previous blog having a made up list for you is not really the best way to go about getting customers as often the lists are not very legit and will not help you convert and generate more revenue (which is want you want in a business) This is why we have put together a few tools for you guys.

Here are the alternatives:



Also a great resource for any type of email marketing. Simple pricing will allow you to send out a bunch of lists to anyone interested. They also allow crypto!

2. Activecampaign

A great easy to use tool with a bunch of super cool templates to get your newsletters and email marketing out. It also allows NFT's, coins and any other types of cryptocurrency. It has a friendly easy to use UX/Ui so definitely give them a try

3. Convertkit

Allows a lot of different email marketing from all kinds of sectors. It has limited templates but overall also a great alternative. Its initially meant for creators but to be honest, can be used for anything.

Here is the previous article:

What are the best cliqly alternatives for your email marketing?
There is no such thing as pre built email lists. Having build a email marketing company ourselves we know that you cannot use other peoples lists to generate traffic. Obviously if everyone is using the same lists and your spamming the same customers it will not help you to gain any traffic whatsoeve…

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