How to get a job in a startup business

How to get a job in a startup business

So you're looking to move into and get hired by a startup? Before you do there are a number of different things you must think about and consider and know what your getting yourself into.

Reasons why you should not move to a startup from a Techstars COO in 2022
Startups are a great buzzword. Thats what i used to think. Its easy money, an easy life, a great work-life balance, stability and at the end of a year or 2 you will have made it so all of your problems will be over. Im here to tell you why not to give up on your day job.

Ask yourself why do you want to move?

A startup is generally a very risky thing to do. If you are an employee or a founder is a very different thing. Everyone looks at the social network and think its like a movie. It is not, and the chance of you retiring from your stock options (which are vested over 4 years btw) is close to 0. Your company needs to essentially IPO and you need to be one of the company's first employees for that to happen but very few startups make it that far.

What shoud be on your CV?

Focus on creating things! If your moving from finance try to show that you have done something creative in your spare time and show you are a good team player and keen to grow. Being heavily adaptive is essential in an early stage company so make sure you are also this.

Job boards to look at and that we recommend:

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