How to build a $500M VC from a former banker with the CEO of Antler. A case study.

How to build a $500M VC from a former banker with the CEO of Antler. A case study.

So your looking to build out a VC. Building our a 500M$ is extremely hard to do let along raise any capital for a startup, hedge fund or any VC. We have taken antler as an example. I have seen many people try to raise for various ventures and have some thoughts on how to increase your chances of success! I have also worked in finace and build europes first ondeamnd fuel business.

Here are a couple of my thoughts on things that could help you:

  1. Go to Harvard. Good schools help you as investors will have more trust in you being able to manage to capital.
  2. Start building a solid network. Good schools are always a sign of a good network. Eduardo Saverin, who went to school with Magus, the CEO of antler shows that solid networks can help you to raise capital.
  3. Get lucky. With the right idea and at the right timing everything is possible. I think Antler went after the right thing and penetrated the right market. It is true every one wants to become an entrepreneur and so you really want to cater to these people. With capital behind you, (and a solid team you will be able to do it)
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Raising capital has nothing to do with you as a person but all of these things can help you to succeeded.


This is what I had build at techstars:

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