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Got fired or laid off? What can you do to help you start a business or side hustle?

Got fired or laid off? What can you do to help you start a business or side hustle?

If you dont know where to start or what to do, make sure you to get yourself some coaching and learning with experience from others that have been through the same process. If you looking for extra quick income we have done plenty of other articles or side hustles. Starting a business is not easy so make sure you are prepared.

Things to do:

1) Get coaching

Sites like founderbounty can help you with what career you want to do next and where you want to go with it. It can even help with the side hustle you want to build

2) Think about what you want to do - use your network

Look at jobs that could be closely related to what you want to do.

3) Think about happiness not just money

Think carefully at what you are good at and whether you could potentially start consulting with people in the space.

Check these out for any side hustles:

The best side hustles for 2022 and the best sites for side hustle ideas while working 9 to 5
As the recession starts to set in and the economy starts to tank there will be a number of different things you guys can do to keep your income up. We have compiled a bunch of different things you could do for some passive income even while working!

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