The best Business entrepreneur influencers you should know

The best Business entrepreneur influencers you should know

There are quite a few influencers you should know. Some have been backed by top tier VC's. The below are the ones that we rate, think can help you not only achieve financial independence and grow your business but will add value to your lives.

1) Vlad Kozul

Vlad Kozul, who is a venture scout, raised VC money, been through TechStars and has also been in investment banking knows a thing or 2 about building a business and ideas to be thinking about.

2) GaryV

A great resource when it comes to everything marketing. Gary certainly and is up to date in the latest trends to do with marketing and content creation in the world nowads

3) Dave Ramsey

Also a lot to learn from. Knowledgeable on practical finance for the average person. His content is super for anyone stugggeling to manage their own finances.

4) Garry Tan, Dalton Calwell

YC partners. They definitely know what they are doing when it comes to building a business! Yc is one of the best VC investors in the world.

There are tons of other solid people out there.

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