The best email octopus alternatives in 2024

The best email octopus alternatives in 2024

If your looking for some solid email marketing platforms to email Octopus we have you covered. Whether your looking to add crypto content or any professional content the below are all solid reputable email marketing companies which can handle large amount of bulk email sending as well as have small free plans.

The below are all solid choices.


1. Mailerlite

A classic and high-quality reputable email marketing company. It also gives you the ability to easily import you contacts as well as manage and create a website from scratch. Also flexible on the content, and can include crypto.

2. Activecampaign

A great and solid email marketing platform which bosats high deliverability rates. Its a great tool for anyone looking and a very sophisticated one in addition. It has tons of automation features and solid pricing.

  1. Omnisend

Very proud of there trust ratings omnisend is a very cool tool for your email marketing and a good alternative to email Octopus.

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