The best alternative for Sendinblue Email Marketing in 2024

The best alternative for Sendinblue Email Marketing in 2024

In today's competitive market, email is the fastest way to announce a sale, share company news, or remarket to previous customers. The most effective email marketing campaign can be segmented in such a way that caters to multiple personas for different initiatives. For example, one campaign may be designed for onboarding new customers, and another for announcing a Black Friday sale.

One of the best ways to get new customers and keep current clients engaged is by using email marketing. Whether you're announcing sale, sharing important news, or remarketing to previous customers, email campaigns are quick and easy ways to keep your brand top-of-mind with your audience.

Email marketing is a common way to reach customers, build engagement and accomplish business goals. Emails can be used to entice, announce new items, or reward customer loyalty. We have compiled a bunch that we think are better than Sendinblue which is now called Brevo.

1. mailerlite

mailerlite is a popular email marketing service and it offers many useful features to those that are using it. In addition to this, they have a fairly good reputation for the quality of their services as well as the time they take to deliver emails. There is no sign up and no leaving fees so its pretty easy to get everything sorted. Its ease of use combined with good open rates leaves this as a great choice for your email marketing!

2. Active campaignthan

If you want an impressive open rate of up to 70% then this is the ultimate winner here. The use of AI has optimized email marketing performance beyond anything you have ever seen. This is the new tech in the industry and most of the cryptocurrency giants are relying on Active Campaign email marketing tools.

Whether you are a startup looking for a free email marketing tool or want to get started with the premium options, it has it all. The smart automation features make the whole process smooth yet effective. Every email marketing strategy that has been effective for cryptocurrency email marketing is already incorporated in it. There is a lot of options like full control over customization and email templates make it a perfect platform for cryptocurrency companies that are aiming to grow.

3. Convertkit

This email marketing platform is mostly used for businesses and companies. It may not be as good as the other options on this list, but it does have one major advantage over them — it is easy to use. If you are just starting out with an email marketing service, then it could be perfect for you. The only issue with this platform is that it doesn’t have enough features in order to satisfy those that want a lot more out of their campaign.

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