How to create a video sales letter and why it may be worth doing one

How to create a video sales letter and why it may be worth doing one

If your looking for the next best thing. Video sales letters are it. Its like a traditional sales letter but will grab whoever your pitching to attention, and with that you will be able to pitch your products to attention, showcase the product and hopefully get a call to action. It will show your audience how to pitch the sales letter. We will discuss the benefits and why it may be worth your while to invest in one and the tools you may need to do it!

The aim of a video sales letter is to pitch your concept in an easy way and help them solve their pain points.

Remember everything is done through video nowadays and it will help you get in touch with your audience better and more effectively.

How to get started:

Prepare a script! You can use AI later on and most of the below have features to be able to modify your script but definitely start with a solid pitch you can then use avatars to speak if you don't want to record the videos yourself!

Tools to use:

  1. Veed

A great tool with tons of video editing software. You can create the video yourself or even i think use avatars to be able to speak the video for you!


One of the best known sites to get you started and easily hire a video editor to do your video editing for you! You can easily hire someone to do it for you and you can get it pretty cheap altough we still like veed!


Meant for wiring but also has access to this for a solid solution.


CRM software that get you in front of clients with a super simple-to-use UX/UI.

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