How did youtube king Graham Stephan make his money and how much is he worth?

How did youtube king Graham Stephan make his money and how much is he worth?

He is proud to save pennies on every single meal, hardly eats out, makes his girlfriend save every penny but has 5 million youtube subscribers but how did he do it? Today we talk a little bit about how he got started, who is he and how he did everything through content, and how you can do it too.

Teaching others how to save money

Stephan has been teaching others on how to save money. His earnings around 7$M per year.

The key to success - Find a niche people need

Content, content content. Stephan has some experince but his background is not one of some kind of finance or any kind of real speciality. He found a niche that people are interested in looking at and are motivated to listen to and thats how to save.

People are searching for how to save in google - use google trends to find the niche

He gives people tips and motivation on how to be saved. Why spend 15$ on an overpriced latte?

Content, content, Content

Doing content around the niche is extremely important. Tiktok videos, youtube videos and blogging all help bring traffic to your site. So the key learning here is to find that niche and keep posting around it.

We talk a little bit on founderbounty how to do it here:

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