European founders. Go for US money first before asking European investors if you can

European founders. Go for US money first before asking European investors if you can

European investors are slow, hard to work with and cant adapt. This is where you want to go for US investors as much as possible. Currently there is more capital in the US for VC money and they are usually far ahead of the european market and have seen a lot more. Not only the way they think but also the network they have. They have seen things that usually only come to Europe later down the line.

Go for US investors if you can

Ive heard the phrase money is money. But actually when it comes to investing in a startup this is not the case. Prestigious investors like YC in your cap table will usually help accelerate your company further and faster.

They are way ahead in terms of what they know

European investors are slow, most of the VC's usually come from consulting backgrounds and dont have real startup experience and so cant really help you out if you need it.

If your a founder you will need help

You will need access to advisors, investors and if your a SAAS company i can bet more of your traffic will come from the US anyway. The point is experienced investors are simply better then non experienced. Feel free to browse through European VC's backgrounds and you will notice most do not have any startup experience. You really want to be working with people who know what they are doing.

There is a cultural issue on top of not have access to as much capital which we discuss in the article below

The article below may help:

Why does Europe not have a Y combinator (YC) from a Lazard and Techstars Alumni?
This is a good question. Why does Europe not have a hugely successful Ycombinator (YC) type investor? There could be a number of reasons for this. The main reason is the appetite for taking risks. This could be something more cultural that anything but also the fact that European investors simply do…

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