Email Marketing in 2022. Still effective or is there anything better?

Email Marketing in 2022. Still effective or is there anything better?

Emails seem not to stop being one of the world's most effective marketing tools. It leads to direct engagement of the customer. What else gets directly into a customer's mailbox!

Investors still love Email Marketing tools and so should you

There is nothing more effective than email marketing. Not only is it effective it is also the best way to reach customers, send out newsletters or get people involved. In fact, one investor told me recently he thinks it's underused and will continue to grow in the future. So many tools allow it to be measured and customized that make email marketing a go-to product for anyone trying to grow their own business.

Emails are still running the internet!

I've put together a bunch of questions about email marketing that you may find useful

Should I buy an email list?

The short answer to this is really no. You should try to create one. Purchased ones are usually scams and bad. Organically growing your email list is the best way and thinking of innovative ways of doing so is one of the best ways of growing your own business.

How often should I be sending my newsletters

As often as possible! Get them out and get engaging with your audience. Dont underestimate the importance of doing this. Weekly is the least amount of time to be doing this.

Format of your newsletter

Super important to format your newsletter according to the audience you are targeting. If it's a marketing email while trying to sell a product make sure you have a clear easy CTA button so that people can reach your website. I always recommend fewer words and more images as this sparks interest in the product itself.

Recommend a good emailing marketing service?

For me, Mailerlite is a fantastic tool with great pricing. Cheaper than Mailchimp it allows you to get great analytics on your email marketing campaign as well as has high deliverability and open rates.

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