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Best practices for ICO crypto email marketing

Best practices for ICO crypto email marketing

Email marketing is one of the underutilized forms of marketing. Open rates and delivery rates are key to making sure that you get noticed. In addition to this consistency just like content creation is key. Doing an ICO is hard work and above all you need to decide which blockchain you are going to use.

  1. A good subject line

This is a no-brainer. Subject lines especially in the crypto world are key. Don't make it words or things people dont understand. Make it simple and clear in what you are trying to achieve.

2. Dont make it look like spam

Unless you are spamming people make sure people don't ignore your email! Make sure that you don't put in too many pictures or strange words that could make it look like a spamming project. Promoting your ICO using email marketing is actually an extremely effective method.

3. A clear value proposition

What are you trying to achieve when you create your email. People buying into a coin, getting feedback on your product, or something else? Make sure you show people why they should be part of your project.

4. Be clear who your working with

Be clear who you are working with. People are looking for honesty and need to feel confirmable with your project or even feeling close to a scam people will back off. Making people feel comfortable with your project is a must in the ICO world.

What I find the best Email Marketing company for ICO's?

Postr Email Marketing

Postr is a great email marketing tool for crypto email marketing. Its easy to use, effective, has high open and deliverability rates. So make sure if you do email marketing make sure you check it out!

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