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How to use Gmail to send mass emails and what are the alternatives?

How to use Gmail to send mass emails and what are the alternatives?
Why should you not be using gmail for emails?

There are a few different ways to send mass emails in Gmail, but its not usually recommended. The servers won't be able to take it and usually, it will result in your emails not getting through. Remember you cannot send more than 499 emails in Gmail per day with emails.

However, if you want to do it I have made a brief overview of how to do it.

How to use Gmail to send mass emails

1. Open up a:

2. Open a google spreadsheet

3. Click on addons and then get add ons

4. In the search bar search for yet another mail merge

5. Back on the spreadsheet select addons, yet another mailmerge and start mail merge

6. Import your contacts manually or through Gmail

7. Fill out the sender's name and select the exact email

8. Press on Send X emails

Problems with Gmail for mass email marketing

There are a ton of problems with doing this, and im going to list a few small ones

  • You cannot send more than 499 emails per day
  • You are breaking gmails sender guidelines
  • You cannot really design your emails well
  • You cannot track or get any good analytics on your campaign like you can with a good email marketing service

Get yourself a better email marketing service - Postr Email Marketing

There are a ton of them around, most of which are complex and difficult to use. For me, it was always the simpler the better. Currently I use Postr. But there are a ton of them around. Postr provides great analytics, has large deliverability rates for your emails and high click rates. It's easy to use has a ton of free templates to choose from.

Let me know your thoughts!

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