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Better alternatives to Hustlers university that provide real value for your side hustle with real entrepreneur mentors

Better alternatives to Hustlers university that provide real value for your side hustle with real entrepreneur mentors

The explosion of Andrew Tate on every TikTok Chanel around has pushed all kinds of traffic towards Hustlers university and cobrate. However, there are a couple of alternatives out there that you guys should check out with real quality entrepreneurs that have built and sold million if not billion dollar companies. With his open remarks about the world outgoing speech, Andrew Tate has also now been banned from Facebook and Instagram.

EDITORS CHOICE: Founderbounty University

  1. Founderbounty

Founderbounty does matching with entrepreneurs with ready- to-launch ideas. It gives entrepreneurs the right tools to succeed. It also creates an alternative education system for corporate people who dream of being entrepreneurs. Post covid more people are looking for solutions for this. In 2022 "how to start a business" was searched more than how to get a job.

It has a selection of courses also to help you succeed in starting a business from scratch.

digital Courses include:

  • Copywriting and bringing traffic to your site (and how its done)
  • How to do affiliate marketing
  • How to start and learn about dropshipping
  • Crypto (the basics) - The risks
  • Freelancing (Fiverr and Upwork)
  • Stocks and bonds (the basics)
  • Amazon FBA (how to do it)

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2. Foundr

Are you new to business? Do you want to learn the basics of starting a company? This course is designed with the intent of giving you the tools and knowledge to get your company started quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

3. Entrepreneur

How to Start a Home Based Business is a great resource for anyone looking to get their side hustle or business off the ground. It's packed with information on how to create a successful enterprise from home and become self-sufficient.

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