Why it pays to be a good copywriter. Bootstrapping a SAAS startup only using copywriting

Why it pays to be a good copywriter. Bootstrapping a SAAS startup only using copywriting

Copywriting and creating content is essential to any company but the following is a small case study of building an email marketing using only quality email marketing focusing on a niche and creating content around that niche. All you need is 2 things on how to be a good copywriter. Being creative and being good and English for it to work but applies to all industries. Even Andrew Tate and hustlers university have it in their course so it must be useful!

Googles algorithm has been improved to stop matching copywriting

After googles new algorythem have now been improved to cut machine copywriting you better make sure you doing the copywriting and not using companies like copy.ai or jasper.ai. So google has killed a few compnies this past week but hope is not all lost and you can still win at this.

How we did it and how to become a good copywriter

Firstly I got an A in English at school so I thought I would give copywriting a shot and it turns out I was pretty good at it! Most of my posts reached number 1 on google. With google cutting out machine learning its important you are creating in your writing and capture your audience, not just write something that people are not interested in. Write around the topic your trying to promote. For example in email marketing in regards to Mailerlite to to write the content will help people improve their email marketing.

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Here is an example of a website that can push your SEO forward on google

It works

Copywriting does still work and whoever said it does not is not doing it write. Check the first page of google

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