A case study with Nomadlist. Bootstrapping to a multimillion-dollar business. How Peter Levels did it.

A case study with Nomadlist. Bootstrapping to a multimillion-dollar business. How Peter Levels did it.

Peter Levels, founder of Nomadlist has bootstrapped his business to millions in annual revenue. He talks about how he did it and what he went through but overall his mission about how he saw digital nomads as the future of work years and years ago.

There will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035

It all started from blogging he mentions and being able to see the future. Corona just sped things up massively but at the end of the day he knew it was coming. Digital nomads are the future.


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No one believed there would be so many digital nomads in the world, but he turned out to be very correct about nomading and the future of work. As more and more companies try to retain high quality employees by making them Hybrid or remote working.




The steps peter is doing it:

1. Create a community like peter did (Content and blogs) - you can use Ghost.

2. Once you have done this, look for ways you can be useful to your community and the problems they face

3. Create a site, get traffic

4. Monetize through ad revenue or other types of revenue.

A great watch on how he did it:

Learn how to build a business like PETER


  1. Founderbounty University

Founderbounty is a great resource with courses from real entrepreneurs that an teach you about business, its basics and building one from scratch. From why content is important to specific topics this may be a great all-round resource.

2. Cousera Courses

A great all round way with some interesting topics on building a business but usually very personalised on certain topics. This may not be so suitable for people starting from scratch and looking on ways of building a startup unless your looking for something specific.

3. Masterclass courses

A well know site with lots of talk about people who have made it but no real resources on how they did it and specific points on what you should be doing in 2023 to build a successful business and what venture capital really are looking for to be able to fund you.

4. Skillshare courses

A great place to learn a bunch of extra skills. Its is a learning community for creators. Anyone can take an online class, watch video lessons, create projects, and even teach a class themselves.

5. Fiverr courses

A bunch of courses that you can take to get yourself off the ground!


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