What are the best email marketing platforms for small businesses in 2024

What are the best email marketing platforms for small businesses in 2024

Email marketing software continues to be the method of choice for most small businesses in 2024. Its a proven methodology to bring conversions and start to get customers and conversions quickly and easily. It has some of the highest ROI's in 2024 and continues to grow. We recommend it for any small business looking to get constantly in front of their clients.


  • getting in front of your clients on a weekly basis
  • being able to cross sell almost any product
  • Not letting your customers forget about you
  • Continue to sell them your products


1. Mailerlite

Great for anyone looking to start out. A great selection of templates for any marketer getting in front of people. It has a solid pricing structure. Also gives you the ability to create websites along with do your email marketing.

2. Activecampaign

A very high quality email marketing sender with a huge amount of automation tools for anyone looking for something a little bit more sophisticated. It also boasts high deliverability rates.


They are very proud of their trust pilot ratings, does have a good selection of templates and pretty good overall for any small business. Its very easy to use and has a wide array of templates

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