What are the best email marketing for financial advisors in 2024

What are the best email marketing for financial advisors in 2024

So your a financial advisor looking for solid email marketing platforms for your business and for your clients. Its important to get and keep in contact with them especially in the world in which we exit where things are constantly changing. It is for this reason we have put together a couple of solid email marketing companies that allow basic newsletters to marketing automation and even SMS to stay in front of clients.

Advice to get leads:

-Start your own blog. Build content and get customers that way

-Capture emails on your website - you can use popups

-Offer free tutorials and finance classes

-Include free calculates on your website (people wil then backlink them and you will get more domain traffic)

Why you should be using email marketing

-Getting in front of your clients will keep them engaged

-It will get you referrals

-It will get your brand or company name out there

EDITORS CHOICEActivecampaign

  1.  Activecampaign

A solid email marketing platform for any serious financial investor. its a top-level email marketing platform that will not let you down. Whether you have tons of subscribers or just a few, a great selection of templates and worth getting out there.

2. Mailerlite

Also great and a solid platform that any financial advisor. Most likely to be the most simple to use with its easy to use and great customer service.

  1. Omnisend

Also great and has great trust pilot scores for anyone of you showing people are seriously happy with the product!

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