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Top email marketing tools for influencers and creators in 2022

Top email marketing tools for influencers and creators in 2022

Being an influencer and creator takes time and energy and its important to have a select set of tools that are solid and will help you to grow your audience. This is why we have put together a bunch of Email marketing tools that can help you grow quicker and faster.

  1. Postr

Postr is a software that allows you to create and publish your email marketing campaigns. You can also collect subscribers, access powerful features, including analytics and automation, and engage with your audience in an effective manner. It’s an advertising platform built around email marketing, so you’ll always receive high open rates and conversions. With Postr, your recipients will never have to leave their inboxes! Its flexible with allowing content and definitely worth checking out! Their support is also fantastic if you are having issues.

2. Constant contact

Constant contact is a platform that is mostly used by businesses. It is rather basic, but it has some fantastic features that make it great for those that know what they are doing. If you are just starting out with an email marketing service, then Campaign Monitor could be perfect for you. The only issue with this platform is that it doesn’t have enough features in order to satisfy those that want a lot more out of their campaign.

3. Mailjet

A great all-round solution, that's also an easy-to-use and friendly solution. Its quiet simple and user friendly, but may be a little pricy for some users.

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