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The best sites to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency

The best sites to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency

With the fall of FTX and Sam people really need to be educated about cryptocurrency property. It seems to have been one actor that has given crypto a bad name. But its not all bad and there are a lot of good use cases for crypto. We have compiled a list of different platforms you can learn about the basics of crypto.

  1. Founderbounty

We founderbounty university you can learn about the basics of crypto and cryptocurrencies. Its a great all-round way to learn to learn about the real basics of how cryptos work. Currently, they recommend no one use exchanges until there is a little more regulation but learn about the basics and to hold all of their money in fiat in a bank.

2. Udemy

A well-known site with a good read of the basics of how the coins work. There is a ton of course although a little scattered and not very organized it does have a few good ones.

3. Bulls on crypto street

A little less known but shows you a little but more about crypto and how things work in the space. As with founderbounty you also get a mentor that can help you to improve your skills and become an expert in the space.

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