Guide to the Do's and Dont's of Email Marketing in 2023

Guide to the Do's and Dont's of Email Marketing in 2023

Below we have created a quick and effective guide for the dos and donts of an effective email marketing campaign which can lead to highly successful open rates for your emails. We hope it helps!

Do’s of email marketing:

  • Make sure you grow your list organically and over a period of time. Build your list organically and dont download a bunch of email lists. Its the wrong strategy and will not help in the long term.
  • Make sure you put a catchy sub line. This is essential. Give your audience a reason to continue to read your newsletter
  • Try to use a catchy preview text to keep your audience engaged.
  • Grammar and spelling. It's essential to get these right from the start. Your audience will drop off if they don't find this job is done well.
  • Test and try. Keep track of your open rates and see when is the best time to send your emails to ensure the best open rates.
  • Campaign reports are essential. Pay close attention to them.
  • Send test emails before you send! Make sure you get the content right from the start! You can do this with Mailerlite
Editors choice of email marketing platforms: Mailerlite

Donts of email marketing:

  • Spend your time collecting a bunch of emails and end up not using any of them
  • Have misspellings in your newsletters. This is essential for your audience.
  • Take too long of a break between your newsletters. Send your emails frequently
  • Make sure you keep track of your analytics and see what is working and what is not
  • Keep the emails personalised to your audience you are sending them too
  • Continue to send a one fits all email to your audience
  • Make sure you create multiple lists tailored to your audience, not use a generic email list.

EDITORS CHOICE for email marketing: Mailerlite

1. Mailerlite: A great all in one platform which we definitely recommended. Mailerlite is the easiest way to send awesome content directly to your audience's inboxes. With Mailerlite, you can create, post and track your email marketing campaigns. You can also collect subscribers and access our powerful features, including automation and analytics. It's an advertising platform built around email marketing, so you'll always receive high open rates and conversions!

2. Active Campaign: A great all round tool for anyone to get started with email marketing. Its easy to use, well priced and you are able to do various automations if you need them.

3. Covertkit: A great and easy to use platform. Initially meant for creators but essentially able to do everything. So whether your creating a newsletter or doing something else its definitely worth taking a look at!

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