How to keep your email marketing domain healthy and avoid going to spam in 2023

How to keep your email marketing domain healthy and avoid going to spam in 2023
How to avoid being classed as spam

Why do my emails go to spam? Low email open rates could be due to a lot of different reasons. If you think they are landing in spam even though you are not a spammer, i have tried to put together a bunch of reasons why this may be happening and how to avoid being classified. It's very important to try to keep your domain healthy by avoiding the pitfalls. If spam filters see you as a spammer it's not easy to get your email domain back to a nice green healthy shape.

Reasons for your emails going to spam

1) Filters are seeing your email marketing content as spammy or spam-like

There are certain keywords that will make your email automatically go into spam. With so many AI and machine learning in your sender's email constantly checking the contents and even the graphics in your email, your email can at any point be classified as spam. Try to follow all of the rules.

2) Your email marketing design template is not following the correct protocol

Making sure you use images that are not flagged by the email receivers' spam firewalls and filters are essential to getting through. Make sure you try to avoid image-only emails, maintain a balance ration to text to image, and use alt texts when embedding the images. Certain emailing templates that for example, Postr uses helps to ensure responsiveness and reduce the likelihood of the email going to spam.

Remember email HTML and web HTML are not the same so getting this right may help you pass the spam filters. Also, remember users mostly use mobiles to open emails so this could have an impact too.

3) The email marketing engagement from your campaigns are poor

This is quite an obvious one. If your emails are not being opened the email providers will think this is because the domain itself is not good and this will ruin your domain reputation. Refreshing your email lists on a constant basis and making sure you try to keep your emails to people who open them continuously would be important.

4) Your IP reputation is not healthy and is poor

Using an IP that has not been used for some time will lead to poor deliverability for users. There is not much you can do about this except move to a different email service provider.

5) Spamming laws are being violated and the email receiver flags this

Basic things such as making sure there is an opt-out button and making sure the file size is within the required limit is important. Making sure your emails are safe, your domain is healthy and people constantly marking your emails as spam is not good.

Final thoughts

Check Postr for your email marketing needs. They are pretty good and help you avoid the spamming pitfalls by keeping your domain as healthy as it possibly can be. Remember to follow the rules if you want to avoid your emails going into spam!

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