How to do an ICO and raise $10M in 15 Minutes with Revuto

How to do an ICO and raise $10M in 15 Minutes with Revuto

We sit down with Vedran Vukman who has raised 10M$ in a revuto ICO (initial coin offering) who managed to raise 10M$ in 15 minutes. Why does your startup do an ICO instead of other ways to raise capital?

What is an ICO

An ICO (initial coin offering) is cryptocurrencies equivalent of an IPO or initial public offering. It seeks to raise capital by creating a new coin or cryptocurrency.

What's the best way to do an ICO

Prepare to invest 100K$ into marketing. Its really about luck at the end and the timing for them was right. They divided the split into 3 parts to gain more attention for the raise. Create a lot of noise prior to dropping, doing podcasts and creating the community for the blockchain that you are going after. For Revuto it was the Cardano blockchain.

(disclaimer: this is not financial advice)

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