How to start a financial recruitment company and get hired in finance by Oliver Rolfe

How to start a financial recruitment company and get hired in finance by Oliver Rolfe

This week in our podcast we talk to Oliver Rolfe about expanding his executive search firm Spartan and advice on how candidates can get hired in banking and finance. Oliver has many years of experience in the industry growing an executive search headhunting and recruitment firm from scratch. He is one of the most successful in the industry and tells us a little about what it takes to be the best.

The risk is worth taking

Being an entrepreneur is a risk not everyone is willing to take, but people don't understand that it's not that bad if have the will and mentality to dedicate the risk. Oliver gave us the impression that he really thinks it's worth the risk. You need a lot less salary if you work for yourself and you are able to control what you do with your time which is our most valuable resource. For Oliver building the business from scratch was fun and he thinks you only really need to generate 1/3 of the income compared to working in banking so it's definitely worth it.

"Failing in a company means getting fired. Failing for yourself means not having any money. This is a risk worth taking."

Have a core mission when you start

Building the company from scratch Oliver had a genuine passion in helping people and he clearly states starting any business you must have a clear version of what you are trying to achieve in mind before you start. Even not getting paid specifically for that it was worth trying to create something out of it.

What makes a good hire in the industry?

Oliver gives us a couple of recommendations about what candidates should try to do in order to have a better chance of getting hired. Obviously, you can find more in his book.

1. Try to Look smart, it works

Oliver does mention for him people underestimate the importance of at least making an effort trying to interview. "its more important than you might think" he recommends everyone makes sure they dress well prior to an interview.

2. Come prepared on the company

Some people think going into an interview is all about getting lucky. "being prepared helps you secure the role" this may seem obvious, but no matter how senior your looking to get hired for making sure that you prepare even basics about the bank, its background will make a key difference in the interview process. So at least get some basic reading done.

If you need more information and details check out Oliver's books which we have linked below where he goes more into detail about getting hired in the finance industry.

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US Amazon version link

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