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Adin ross again using content to get rich and famous. A case study.

Adin ross again using content to get rich and famous. A case study.

Adin Ross, who is worth now over 30M$ part of the creator economy who got famous with his podcasst with andrew tate. He regularly posts on his twitch Chanel. best known for streaming NBA 2K20 and GTA V. Adin ross comes from a wealthy part of Boca Roton, Florida. He did not come from a poor family and so had the resources time and effort to get started.

Him and Andrew tate:

What did he actually build?

The answer to that question is nothing really. He build a community of members and then cross sold a told of stuff of them. He makes his money from youtube, sponsorship deals as well as various affiliate marketing deals across various platforms. The more you watch his content the more the guy will make.

What to learn

Start by building a community of members. Once your list of community members are loyal you are able to leverage that and sell various other things.  He also used pretty women on this videos in order to bring in even more members. So the key learning of this is to start off on a niche and then expand into various other things.

His youtube:

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