What are the best email marketing tools for realtors in 2024

What are the best email marketing tools for realtors in 2024

So your looking for some solid email marketing software tools for your real estate business and its clients. With the real estate market and agents constantly changing realtors need to adapt to changes and so keeping engaged with your clients both buyers and sellers is essential. Not only for your brand but with so many realtors around you dont want people to forget who you are and get more sales!

Here are a few pointers for anyone looking to get in front of clients:


  1. send emails at least once a week
  2. Make the subject line solid
  3. Reduce bounce rates and cut subscribers when you get bounced emails
  4. Use colors and pictures


  1. Make the emails spammy
  2. Dont overwhelm people with too many emails
  3. Forget to email everyone relevant!

Realtors best real estate software:


1. Mailerlite

A solid tool for anyone looking to get in front of buyers are selling. Easily import your list, it boasts high deliverability rates, and also gives you the ability to even create your own website as well as get a bunch of automation going that are triggered whenever you want them.

2. Activecampaign

This is a solid email marketing tool for anyone. At first glance it may seem overwhelming but its because the tool is very advanced and allows tons of different things.


Omnisend boasts a very high trust rating score when we spoke to them. They are also a solid tool and have a great customer service if you really do have tens of thousands of subscribers.

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