The best software for crypto email marketing in 2024

The best software for crypto email marketing in 2024

With crypto back and trending there are a few platforms that will allow you to send over crypto content. Remember some of these email marketing companies do not allow it here are a few that actually do! Remember that make your emails engaging, have a call to action button and be clear about what your trying to sell!

Key steps in creating your email:

-Define your goal

-Segment your audience

-Choose a compelling subject line

-Include a call to action thats clear

-Test them and see which one has the highest open rates

Email marketing software

Editors choice: MAILERLITE


A great old business it has plenty of features for you guys. Its very very well priced, very flexible with the content, promises high delivery rates and should not be underestimated. It all has automation and other tools. They are strick on non gambeling content but allow other stuff.

2. Active campaign

A very sophisticated tool for all of you sophisticated users out there. Its pricing is a little high but its well worth. Its a very reliable piece of kit with excellent customer service.


A great choice for people looking for a bit more flexible on what content they are giving out. Its also affordable and is flexible on the content you get out there.

4. Omnisend

Originally meant only for creators they also do take various bits of content for anyone looking for a solid platform to send crypto content from.

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