Productivity hacks to build your business from a VC backed founder

Productivity hacks to build your business from a VC backed founder

While building your startup there are a few things you should be focusing on. You may think time is on your side but it is not. If your not making revenue you are already wasting time. You should do everything to grow the revenue and reduce your costs. Its very simple, however some people keep thinking thier business is working when it is in fact dead as your still not producing any revenue and so here are a few hacks you should be focusing on.

Events, pitching, people selling you stuff. Do it ONLY if you think it can actully add value

2.Keep organised

This is essential. Keeping organised using calenders, calendly. Investor meetings are a must.

3.FOCUS on your revenue

Anything and everything to focus on the most important revenue. Customers. Keep them, don't let them go, talk to them as well as get them and make sure they PAY. Nothing else matters. Stop wasting time.

4.Have 1 pitch deck and sell yourself

Sell yourself and your startup over and over again as well as focus on getting customers in through the door.

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