How to make $85M. Start a meme page and sell it to Warner Music. A case study.

How to make $85M. Start a meme page and sell it to Warner Music. A case study.

Thats exactly what @Daquan Meme Page did. Its an amazing story. Not one human face is involved. A page full of funny memes, and they have managed to sell it to Warner Music. Warner wanted access to Gen Z and young millennials and they got it for that price tag! Daquan is owned by IMGN Media.

What to learn

Your a founder and want to bring traffic. Create content. Make it interesting, funny and you may just be able to gather a huge community and later make a big exit.

The goal was to create a social media content brand that is synonymous with internet pop culture, not a personality brand,” Daquan told Forbes.

Daquan is really actually run like some kind of online show and has built its brand massively with its funny content. Instagram loves it and clearly, the alogos have pushed it to millions of people globally.

Its a truely amazing story probably that could not have existed 10 or 20 years ago. Where you are only creating truly funny memes and end up selling it.

The future of advertising is storytelling

As we have been saying multiple times, the future of advertising is actually storytelling rather than selling to people directly. You can then make brand deals, and affiliate marketing and there are tons of other ways to monetize once you to get your audience and community.

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