How to HIRE. Its key for your startup or business. Heres how you do it

How to HIRE. Its key for your startup or business. Heres how you do it

Hiring is one of the most important steps for any business. Hiring the wrong person can kill or make your business. Your first employees have to want you to win. They have to want you to make it and so incentivizing them is the key to doing it.

Here is how to do it

1) Stock options pool

Get a 10% option pool going. This is a great way to get employees motivated enough to make sure your going to make it. They will work harder than ever.

2) Salaries - make sure they are fair

Underpaying someone and expecting them to behave amazing is not going to get you through your startup, but if you do it right you may just make it - so making sure that you are incentivizing them enough to get them off the ground and running to make your business work will get you through the tough times.

3) Work with them - they may have good ideas

We believe is working with your employees. Remember to try to hire people that are better than you. They will give you ideas that you need to make sure you are going to suceedd.

4) interviews are hard - try to do it quickly

YC takes 10min for thier interview about whether you are going to get accepted or not. Its not about timing. Its about relationships more than anything else. Yes the person may have the right CV but can you sit next to them for 12 hours?

5) Set a long probation period

This is a great way for you guys to test the people out and how they perform!

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