Cryptocurrency email marketing dos and donts and what tools to use

Cryptocurrency email marketing dos and donts and what tools to use

So your looking for a solid tool to get your cryptocurrency out there but not sure how and where to start. We have put together a few tools and a few dos and donts for you guys if your looking to get your crypto content out there in front of people.


1. With the new rules Gmail and yahoo have enforced make sure you follow them or you wont be getting very far with your email marketing and most of your emails will end up in the spam

  1. Subject line. Make it short, concise and to the point.
  2. Try to make the email as personable as possible. Email marketing is about feeling emotional with your customers.
  3. Make sure you have a click-to-action button so its easy for people to see what your selling


  1. Dont spam. Remember the rules set by Gmail. Make sure you follow them!
  2. Don't make the email to long. It will confuse users.
  3. Use backlinks within the email to make it discreet to see exactly what your selling

The best email marketing tools for crypto email marketing:


A great old business it has plenty of features for you guys. Its very very well priced, very flexible with the content, promises high delivery rates and should not be underestimated. It all has automation and other tools.

2. Active campaign

A very sophisticated tool for all of you sophisticated users out there. Its pricing is a little high but its well worth. Its a very reliable piece of kit with excellent customer service.

3. Omnisend

Originally meant only for creators they also do take various bits of content for anyone looking for a solid platform to send crypto content from.

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