A few of the top podcasts for startup business entrepreneurs in 2023

A few of the top podcasts for startup business entrepreneurs in 2023

From a Techstars COO I have put a few of the coolest sites together and podcasts that can help you to grow a business from scratch helping you pass of the mistakes that i have made while raising series A capital.

  1. Founderbounty Univerisity:

Founderbounty a great platform for budding entrepreneurs. It is easy to use and gives the right resources, which can help you launch your business idea in no time. Also, we're much more than just a platform. We want to be an alternative education system that enables corporate people's dreams of being entrepreneurs. People around the world are looking for ways to start business post covid. In 2022 "how to start a business" was searched more than how to get a job.

It has a selection of courses also to help you succeed in starting a business from scratch.

digital Courses include:

  • Copywriting and bringing traffic to your site (and how its done)
  • How to do affiliate marketing
  • How to start and learn about dropshipping
  • Crypto (the basics) - The risks
  • Freelancing (Fiverr and Upwork)
  • Stocks and bonds (the basics)
  • Amazon FBA (how to do it)

2. Entrepreneur

This site will help you get your side hustle or business off the ground. You'll learn everything you need to know about starting a successful enterprise from home - how to find your niche, get the word out about your product or service, and much more.

3. Foundr

This comprehensive course has been designed to help you get your company moving with speed. The curriculum includes comprehensive resources that are up-to-date and relevant, featuring the latest business thinking and research to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your startup.

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