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Venture capital

How to get your startup or business funded by Plug and play Venture Capitalist Daniel Dilger

We talk to Daniel Dilger from Plug and play about

How to do an ICO and raise $10M in 15 Minutes with Revuto

We sit down with Vedran Vukman who has raised 10M$

Is an accelerator worth it for your startup or business from a Techstars COO

Having been through Techstars, plug and play myself, and been

How to raise capital and build a business in the Middle East with Mohamad Kaswani

We had a great conversation with investor, entrepreneur and advisor

Where can I get expert coaching and help from entrepreneurs and mentors to start a company?

When building a company any true and experienced serial entrepreneur

How to Build a $100M plus portable battery company with Instagrid's Andreas Sedlmayr

We interviewed Andreas from Instagrid [] that just

Why does Europe not have a Ycombinator(YC) from a Lazard and Techstars Alumni?

This is a good question. Why does Europe not have

How to start a free online business from a former Techstars COO with nothing

Building a startup is one of the most difficult things

Angels or venture capital (VC's). What investors should you go to for your startup and business?

So you have built a company and are looking for

How to get into Venture capital by a former Lazard, Techstars COO

Getting into Venture capital is not easy at all. You

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